RISEI was released from detention two years ago, but I get lost by asking myself these Questions? It?s very sophisticated, because I ran from war into war! Struggling and striving for basic human rights, I discovered how oppression and xenophobic border policies impact on a human being? How peace is important for us in our daily life? Why self-determination and individual autonomy is really important for us?? You never discover this unless you experience going through the process of being a victim of war, occupation, oppression and are forced to seek protection and peace. Below questions are bothering me every single day.

Are all humans inherent worthy and valuable?

Why is there mental distress, isolation, depression, fear, hopeless, sleepless self-distraction, detention and intimidation of asylum seekers?

Who is illegal? Who is not illegal? Or no one is illegal?

Why the systemic death in custody in immigration detention centres?

Why there is no tangible solidarity between refugee and people of colour about marginalised people?

Why asylum seekers going through life being victim crossing borders?

Does this land ?land down under ?really belong to Indigenous people? Why not?

Is there any strategy to decrease suicide, stress, and anxiety, systemic death and torture in detention? Yes ? by shutting all detention centres down and treating asylum seekers with respect and dignity.

By RISE Member / Ex-detainee who was detained in Offshore and Onshore detention centres