Current Volunteer positions at RISE 18/11/2014

RISE is a voluntary organisation, operating at the grassroots level and exists to assist refugees and asylum seekers in building new lives. We provide advice, we engage in community development, enhance opportunities, and campaign for refugee and asylum seeker rights. We operate with some of the least supported members of our society, and in areas that are grossly underserviced and underfunded. To respond to this need, we are looking for volunteers. RISE services that currently require your help include our: Advocacy program, Settlement assistance program, and our Music & Arts program.

Volunteering at RISE provides you with a unique opportunity to work with experienced refugee advocates and other highly skilled members of our team. Our projects are informed by our knowledge, experiences and expertise gained by first-hand experience from those of us who have already experienced the difficulties of settling in Australia. We have in-depth knowledge of the political, legal, social, and community welfare systems in Australia. RISE is ?not? a place for volunteers to just feel good about themselves, but to contribute to the well being of our refugee and asylum seeker community. In order to volunteer at RISE you need to understand who we are and what we do, please read about our organisation carefully before you apply.

Since we are getting a lot of requests for volunteering; RISE team have managed to minimise workloads for all our volunteer members. Please find below the positions that are available at RISE and let us know by answering the questionnaire listed below.

Currently available volunteer positions (please click)

? Grant Writing – 2 positions available?

i. Select which area you want to volunteer in and read the position description.
ii. Answer the questions listed below (not more than 500 words).
iii. Attach your resume along with your answers on a separate sheet.
iv. Insert your area of expertise or preference ?I would like to volunteer for (position description)?
v. Email to

All volunteers are required to answers the following questions

– Please provide a brief summary of your educational background, or work experience background.
– In a few sentences answer the following questions: Who is a refugee? Who is an asylum seeker?
– Explain your brief understanding about refugees and asylum seekers in Australia.
– Please explain why you want to volunteer with RISE.

If your application is not successful, that doesn?t mean that we consider your contribution less valuable, since we have a lot of applications and we only accept volunteers for positions that are required at the time.

Limited places available.