Stop the refoulement of 14 Sri Lankan Tamil Asylum Seekers!

The Australian government has separated 14 Sri Lankan Tamil asylum seekers, 4 men, 3 women and 6 children (including a 6 month old baby), who arrived by boat and were detained in a remote immigration detention centre in Christmas Island from other asylum seekers and have informed them that:

a/ They are not going to be allowed to make an application for asylum.
b/ They are going to be forcibly deported to Sri Lanka.

Australia has already refouled more than 1000 asylum seekers to Sri Lanka within less than a year in this manner. ie they have deported these asylum seekers without allowing them apply for asylum.

The asylum seekers urgently ask the International community to intervene and stop the violation of their human right to seek protection and stop them from being refouled by the Australian government.