RISE supports refugee and asylum seeker communities to meet their educational needs by offering advice and personalised guidance about the various educational pathways available. RISE also runs a volunteer based homework and language support program. RISE?s Tutoring program was designed in consultation with experienced and qualified EAL teachers and volunteers, who also instruct the classes.

RISE?s Tutoring program utilises a curriculum set by Language Leader. This program is highly recommended by EAL (English as an Additional Language) teachers and provides a logical and thought-provoking approach to learning English. The program also helps students to develop their analytical and communication skills, so they are better able to utilise their linguistic knowledge.

Classes will be held at the Drop-in Centre, a multi-purpose space run by RISE situated in the heart of Melbourne. The space is equipped with desks, chairs, computers, as well as English dictionaries and books suitable for EAL learning. Additionally, students who require it will be lent computers or laptops for the duration of the course, so that they are able to study from home with electronic resources.