Detention Divestment

Jan 17, 2020

A Breakdown of the health and education institutions currently financially tied to security companies complicit in ongoing detention torture. There have been countless reports and inquiries regarding the deaths, torture and sexual abuse faced by refugees who have been incarcerated within Australia’s mandatory detention centres. These detention centres are allowed to exist with impunity because they are directly orchestrated by the Australian government for profit.

RISE encourages employees, students and clients of these institutions as well as general supporters to use the contact points linked below, maintain a physical presence at these establishments and demand they divest from the detention industry immediately and sever ties with these security companies.

*We will regularly update this list as we receive more information.

What else you can do?

Be part of eX-detainee led and controlled campaign. The #SanctionAustralia campaign is unique in that it is initiated, controlled and directed by eX-detainees and launched in September 2017. The Sanction Australia campaign primary aims is to sanction Australia from participating in international refugee humanitarian decision-making and human rights forums until The END of Mandatory Detention, The END of Refoulement and The END of Refugee Boat Turn back policies.