By RISE Vietnamese Member who seeks asylum in Australia. (Scroll down for English version)

Thuy?n nh?n Vi?t Nam xin t? n?n ?ang b? ?e do? tr?c xu?t v? n??c, c?ng ??ng ng??i Vi?t ph?i l?m sao?

C?c thuy?n nh?n Vi?t Nam v?a ??n ?c h?m 27/08/2018 ?? b? c?c ng??i d?n ??a ph??ng giao cho c?nh s?t v? ?? b? giam trong Trung T?m Giam Gi?? Di Tru? ?a?o Chrismas Island. B? Tr??ng B? N?i V? Peter Dutton ?? l?n ti?ng ?e do? tr?c xu?t t?t c? c?c thuy?n nh?n v?a ???n v? n??c, n?i m? h? s? b? Ch?nh Ph? Vi?t Nam tra t?n, b? t? v? h?m h?i, th?m ch? l? b? gi?t ch?t.

??y kh?ng pha?i la? l??n ???u ti?n Chi?nh phu? U?c co? ha?nh ???ng ta?n nh??n v??i ca?c thuy??n nh?n xin ti? na?n no?i chung va? ca?c thuy??n nh?n ti? na?n Vi??t Nam no?i ri?ng. N?m 1992, Chi?nh Phu? ?a?ng Lao ???ng cu?a Thu? T???ng Paul Keating ?a? quy??t ?i?nh m?? ra trung t?m giam gi?? di tru? ???u ti?n tr?n th?? gi??i va? sau na?y ????c nhi??u qu??c gia tr?n th?? gi??i la?m theo. Lu?c b??y gi??, mu?c ?i?ch cu?a ca?c trung t?m giam gi?? di tru? na?y la? nh??m va?o ca?c thuy??n nh?n xin ti? na?n Vi??t Nam va? t??i pha?m hoa? vi??c xin ti? na?n ??? xin ????c ba?o v?? kho?i vi??c bi? ?a?n a?p, b??c ha?i, thi?n tai, na?n ?o?i va? na?n di??t chu?ng. Ca?c na?n nh?n s??ng so?t cu?a nh??ng trung t?m giam gi?? kh??c nghi??t, ta?n ba?o, v? nh?n ti?nh va? ???m ma?u na?y ?a? va? ?ang l?n ti??ng v?? nh??ng a?nh h???ng ti?u c??c cu?a vi??c giam c??m v? th??i ha?n ???n tinh th??n, s??c kho?e va? cu??c s??ng cu?a ho?.

?a? co? i?t nh??t 50 ng???i ?a? m??t ma?ng trong ca?c trung t?m giam gi?? di tru? cu?a U?c trong ???t li??n va? ngoa?i kh?i t?? khi trung t?m giam gi?? ???u ti?n ????c m?? c??a, trong ?o? co? i?t nh??t 3 ng???i Vi??t Nam.H??u h??t nh??ng ng???i na?y la? nh??ng ng???i xin ti? na?n va? t??t ca? ???u la? ng???i da ma?u. Nh??ng ng???i na?y ?a? bi? m??t ma?ng vi? nh??ng ly? do co? th?? ????c ng?n ch??n ki??p th??i n??u chi?nh phu? U?c ra tay can thi??p nh? nh? t?? t??, s?? s? su??t y t?? va? bi? a?m sa?t. Ngoa?i nh??ng ca?i ch??t oan u??ng ra co?n co? v? s?? tr???ng h??p ?a? va? ?ang xa?y ra h??ng nga?y trong ca?c trung t?m giam gi?? ???i v??i ca?c giam nh?n (b??t k?? gi??i ti?nh va? l??a tu??i) nh? ha?m hi??p, qu??y r??i ti?nh du?c, ba?o ha?nh, tra t??n, ?e do?a v.v. H?n n??a, h??u h??t t??t ca? ca?c c??u giam nh?n cho du? ?a? h?n nhi??u n?m sau khi ????c tha? ra, v??n bi? ta?n t??t va? mang trong ng???i nh??ng c?n b??nh h??u t?? nh??ng l??n bi? ng???c ?a?i, tra t??n, h?m do?a, ha?m hi??p, qu??y r??i ti?nh du?c, va? khi cu??c s??ng cu?a ho? bi? Chi?nh phu? U?c la?m cho h??n loa?n kh?ng co? l??i thoa?t trong nhi??u n?m. Ngoa?i ra co?n co? ha?ng nga?n ng???i ti? na?n bi? B?? Di tru? tru?c xu??t hay ?a?n a?p ho? cho ???n khi ho? t?? tru?c xu??t ba?n th?n mi?nh tr?? v?? n?i ma? ho? bi? b??c ha?i, di??t chu?ng.

N?m 2015, B?? Di tru? U?c ?a? tho?a thu??n giao n??p nh??ng thuy??n nh?n xin ti? na?n Vi??t Nam cho chi?nh quy??n Vi??t Nam va? nh??ng ng???i na?y ?a? bi? k??t a?n tu? ngay sau khi tr?? v?? n???c, m??c du? Chi?nh quy??n Vi??t Nam ?a? h??a la? se? kh?ng bo? tu? nh??ng ng???i bi? tra? v??, ta?o ?i??u ki??n cho ho? ho?a nh??p va?o xa? h??i va? se? cho con ca?i ho? ???n tr???ng. Ca?i b??y cu?a Chi?nh quy??n Vi??t Nam va? s?? ham mu??n tru?c xu??t ng???i ti? na?n cu?a Chi?nh phu? U?c m??t ca?ch ph?n bi??t chu?ng t??c ?a? la?m cho nh??ng thuy??n nh?n na?y bi? k??t a?n tu? giam va? kh?ng co? kha? n?ng ho?a nh??p v??i xa? h??i, va? m??t s?? ng???i ?a? kh?ng co?n ca?ch na?o h?n la? pha?i li??u ma?ng v???t bi?n m??t l??n n??a. V??y n?n, khi Chi?nh phu? U?c ?ang ?e do?a tru?c xu??t nh??ng thuy??n nh?n Vi??t Nam v??a ???n U?c xin ti? na?n va?o nga?y 27/8/2018 v??a qua, ho? bi??t ch??c r??ng nh??ng ng???i na?y khi v?? n???c se? kho? lo?ng ma? y?n th?n v??i Chi?nh quy??n Vi??t Nam. B??t ch??p vi??c nh??ng ng???i na?y ch??c ch??n se? bi? c??m tu?, tra t??n, th??m chi? bi? gi??t, U?c v??n th??ng tay ???y nh??ng ng???i na?y va?o ????ng cu?ng.

Trong ti?nh tra?ng chi?nh tri? hi??n nay cu?a Vi??t Nam, va?i tha?ng tr?? la?i ??y, ng???i d?n trong n???c va? ngoa?i n???c ?a? va? ?ang ti??p tu?c ba?n lu??n ch??ng la?i s?? x?m l?ng cu?a Trung Qu??c, va? vi??c Nha? C??m quy??n Vi??t Nam ?ang ba?n ???ng n???c Vi??t Nam cho Trung Qu??c. ?? nhi??u ti?nh tha?nh ?? Vi??t Nam va? ca? m??t s?? n?i kha?c ?? ha?i ngoa?i, ng???i Vi??t ?a? xu??ng ????ng bi??u ti?nh pha?n ???i k?? hoa?ch cho n???c ngoa?i thu? ???t 99 n?m ?? ca?c ???c Khu Kinh T?? cu?a Nha? N???c Vi??t Nam, va? pha?n ???i lu??t An Ninh Ma?ng, b?? lu??t ????c l??p ra ??? ti??n gia?m sa?t va? ?i??u khi??n s?? t?? do ng?n lu??n cu?a nh?n d?n tr?n ma?ng xa? h??i nh??m bi?t mi??ng ng???i d?n.

Hi??n ?a? co? r??t nhi??u ng???i, chu? y??u la? c?ng d?n Vi??t Nam ?a? bi? a?m sa?t, qu??y r??i, giam c??m, ba?o ha?nh, tra t??n va? bu??c t??i khi tham gia bi??u ti?nh hay l?n ti??ng ch??ng la?i lu??t ???c Khu, An Ninh Ma?ng v.v. V??y n?n kh?ng co? gi? la? b??t ng?? khi co? nhi??u c?ng d?n Vi??t Nam ti?m ca?ch v???t bi?n xin ti? na?n ??? thoa?t kho?i a?ch ?a?n a?p cu?a nha? c??m quy??n Vi??t Nam. Chi??c ta?u ?a?nh ca? cu?a ca?c thuy??n nh?n xin ti? na?n Vi??t Nam ?a? c??p b??n U?c ?? vu?ng xa phi?a b??c cu?a ti??u bang Queensland (Far North Queensland) nga?y 27/8/2018 v??a qua, k?? ca? khi ch?a bi??t ????c tr???ng h??p xin ti? na?n cu?a t??ng thuy??n nh?n la? gi?, nh?ng r??t d?? ??? co? th?? ?oa?n ch??c r??ng nh??ng ng???i na?y ?a? bi? chi?nh quy??n Vi??t Nam qu??y r??i va? ?e do?a vi? nghi r??ng ho? co? tham gia bi??u ti?nh hay ch??ng ???i lu??t ???c Khu va? An Ninh Ma?ng b??ng nh??ng ca?ch kha?c nhau, va? ho? bi? d??n ???n ????ng cu?ng n?n kh?ng co?n ca?ch na?o kha?c ngoa?i vi??c li??u ma?ng v???t bi?n.

Ch??c h??n, nh??ng ai ?a? t??ng v???t bi?n ti?m ????ng ti? na?n thi? se? bi??t r??t ro? nh??ng ca?m gia?c lo s?? b??t an khu?ng khi??p khi ?ang tr?n ????ng ?i, cu?ng nh? la? khi tr???ng h??p xin ti? na?n cu?a mi?nh ?ang ????c xe?t x?? ma? kh?ng bi??t la? s?? ph??n cu?a mi?nh se? ?i v?? ??u. V??y n?n, khi ????c ng???i d?n ?i?a ph??ng ru? ?i b??t cua, u??ng bia chi? ??? r??i bi? ba?o va? giao n??p cho ca?nh sa?t, va? r??i bi? giam trong tra?i t??p trung va? bi? ?e do?a th??ng th??ng la? ho? s??p s??a bi? tru?c xu??t v?? n?i ?a? la?m cho ho? pha?i bo? cu?a cha?y ?i l??y ng???i, thi? ca?i ca?m gia?c ?o? no? pha?i khu?ng khi??p nh? th?? na?o? Ha?nh???ng na?y cu?a nh??ng ng???i d?n ?i?a ph??ng va? Chi?nh phu? U?c co? nh?n ?a?o hay kh?ng, hay ??y la? nghi?a m??i cu?a t?? nh?n ?a?o? N???c U?c co? ?ang la?m theo Hi??p ???c Ti? Na?n Qu??c T? hay kh?ng, va? co? ?ang t?n tro?ng nh?n quy??n c? ba?n cu?a ng???i ti? na?n hay kh?ng, hay n???c U?c ?ang t?? ta?o n?n m??t Hi??p ???c Ti? Na?n m??i, va? ?ang t?? thay ???i y? nghi?a cu?a t?? nh?n quy??n ??? co? th?? th??ng tay ha?nh ha? ng???i ti? na?n?

Chu?ng ta ?ang k?u go?i n???c U?c g?y a?p l??c ??? Vi??t Nam ch??m d??t s?? vi pha?m nh?n quy??n co? h?? th??ng. Nh?ng n??c ?c c? t? c?ch l?n a?n c?c qu?c gia kh?c khi ca?c qu??c gia na?y vi ph?m nh?n quy?n co? h?? th??ng hay kh?ng khi chi?nh n???c U?c cu?ng ?ang la?m ?i??u ?o?? Khi n???c U?c th??ng tay ?e do?a tru?c xu??t nh??ng thuy??n nh?n? xin ti? na?n ng???i Vi??t Nam y?u n???c ?a? l?n ti??ng ch??ng la?i gi??c ngoa?i x?m Trung Qu??c, va? pha?i li??u ma?ng v???t bi?n vi? bi? Chi?nh quy??n Vi??t Nam truy lu?ng, n???c U?c co? ?ang b?nh v??c ke? y??u hay ?ang u?ng h?? ke? gian? Pha?i ch?ng n??u U?c l?n ti??ng b?nh v??c ng???i y??u th?? thi? n???c U?c se? ?i ng???c la?i v??i li?ch s?? va? n??n ta?ng sa?ng l??p n???c U?c, khi chi?nh ng???i Anh sang U?c c???p ???t va? di??t chu?ng ng???i Th?? d?n ?? lu?c ?i?a na?y, nh??ng ng???i ?a? sinh s??ng ?? ??y tr?n m??t nga?n th?? h??, ??? ?m m?u chi??m n???c U?c la?m thu??c ?i?a?

Li?ch s?? U?c la? m??t li?ch s?? ???m ma?u cu?a ng???i Th?? d?n da ?en khi ho? bi? c???p ???t va? di??t chu?ng b??i ng???i da tr??ng. Li?ch s?? U?c cu?ng la? m??t li?ch s?? ???m ma?u khi U?c ?a?n a?p m??t trong nh??ng nho?m ng???i bi? ?a?n a?p kinh khu?ng va? ta?n nh??n nh??t tr?n th?? gi??i: ng???i ti? na?n. Se? co? ng???i no?i r??ng, ?Nh?ng lu?c tr???c U?c ??u co? ???i x?? v??i t?i nh? v??y, U?c nh??n t?i va?o ma??? Thi? c?u tra? l??i cu?ng t??ng t?? nh? la? c?u tra? l??i cu?a c?u ho?i,?N??u C?ng an Vi??t Nam ???i x?? t??t v??i m??t s?? ng???i thi? c?ng an Vi??t Nam co? t??t hay kh?ng??

V??y la?m sao ??? co? th?? giu?p ng???i ti? na?n hi??n nay?

Ca?c c??u giam nh?n t??ng bi? giam gi?? trong ca?c trung t?m giam gi?? di tru? cu?a U?c ?a? pha?i chi?u ???ng nh??ng s?? ta?n ba?o kinh khu?ng nh??t cu?a ca?c quy ?i?nh v?? ng???i ti? na?n va? xin ti? na?n cu?a U?c. K?? ca? sau khi ????c cho ?? la?i ?i?nh c?, ho? v??n pha?i chi?u ?au kh?? g?y ra t?? nh??ng a?p b??c ma? ho? pha?i ???i m??t trong ca?c trung t?m giam gi??, cu?ng nh? ca?c b??nh h??u va? bi? ta?n t??t vi?nh vi??ng t?? vi??c bi? ha?nh ha?, ?a?nh ???p, la?m nhu?c, ha?m hi??p, qu??y r??i ti?nh du?c, ?e do?a v.v. trong m??t th??i gian da?i. ?? t?? ch??c RISE: Refugees, Survivors and Ex-detainees (RISE: Ng???i Ti? Na?n, Ng???i S??ng So?t va? C??u Giam Nh?n), ca?c c??u giam nh?n ?a? l?n ti??ng v?? t??i a?c ch??ng la?i nh?n loa?i cu?a n???c U?c khi U?c b??t bu??c giam c??m ng???i xin ti? na?n v? th??i ha?n, quay ???u thuy??n ti? na?n va? tru?c xu??t ng???i ti? na?n v?? n???c. Ho? ?a? kh??i x???ng chi??n di?ch Tr??ng Pha?t N???c U?c ??? k?u go?i ca?c nho?m nh?n quy??n l?n ti??ng g?y a?p l??c l?n Li?n Hi??p Qu??c kh?ng cho U?c ????c tham gia va?o b??t ki? h??i nghi? v?? nh?n quy??n na?o, cu?ng nh? kh?ng ????c tham gia ra quy??t ?i?nh v?? b??t c?? quy??t ?i?nh na?o co? li?n quan ???n nh?n quy??n cho ???n khi t??t ca? ca?c trung t?m giam gi?? di tru? ????c U?c duy tri? hoa?n toa?n bi? ?o?ng c??a vi?nh vi??n.

??y la? th??i ?i??m r??t quan tro?ng ???i v??i d?n t??c Vi??t Nam tr???c a?ch x?m l?ng cu?a Trung Qu??c. Trong th??i gian t??i se? co? th?m r??t nhi??u ng???i Vi??t Nam pha?i bo? x?? ra ?i ti?m ????ng ti? na?n. N??u ng???i Vi??t kh?ng l?n ti??ng ch??ng la?i s?? ???i x?? ta?n nh??n cu?a U?c ???i v??i ng???i ti? na?n thi? nh??ng ng???i Vi??t xin ti? na?n s??p t??i se? la? na?n nh?n ti??p theo cu?a t??i a?c ch??ng la?i nh?n loa?i cu?a U?c khi U?c ti??p tu?c th??ng tay ?a?n a?p ng???i ti? na?n nh? hi??n nay. Ca?ch ???i x?? va? tha?i ??? ?e do?a cu?a Chi?nh phu? U?c ???i v??i ca?c thuy??n nh?n Vi??t Nam v??a qua h?m 27/8/2018 khi ho? ?a? bi? giam c??m va? bi? ?e do?a tru?c xu??t v?? n???c cho th??y U?c kh?ng h?? co? d??u hi??u a?y na?y cho ha?nh vi ch??ng la?i nh?n loa?i cu?a mi?nh, cu?ng nh? kh?ng co? d??u hi??u ngu?i tay v??i ca?c chi?nh sa?ch ?a?n a?p ng???i ti? na?n.

?a? bao n?m qua c??ng ???ng ng???i Vi??t ti? na?n ?? U?c ?a? c?? g??ng ?n n?n la?m ra, ?o?ng go?p cho n???c U?c va? la?m vi??c v??i chi?nh quy??n ??? n?ng cao hi?nh a?nh cu?a ng???i Vi??t Nam trong xa? h??i U?c cu?ng nh? th??ng l???ng ??? U?c c??p visa th???ng tru? cho nh??ng ng???i Vi??t xin ti? na?n, nh?ng U?c v??n ti??p tu?c giam c??m, ?a?n a?p, ?e do?a va? tru?c xu??t nh??ng ng???i ti? na?n va? xin ti? na?n Vi??t Nam. Co?n t?? h?n n??a la? vi??c ng???i ti? na?n Vi??t Nam va? Sri Lanka la? hai nho?m ng???i d?? bi? U?c tru?c xu??t v?? n???c nh??t, khi U?c ?a? ky? k??t thoa? thu??n v??i hai n???c na?y la? se? giao n??p t??t ca? nh??ng ng???i v???t bi?n xin ti? na?n kh?ng co? gi??y t?? v?? n???c, n?i ma? sau khi bi? tra? v??, ho? se? bi? tra t??n, c??m tu?, qu??y r??i, th??m chi? bi? gi??t ch??t. V??y chu?ng ta co? n?n ti??p tu?c la?m vi??c v??i chi?nh quy??n U?c ??? r??i mo?i chuy??n v??n d??m ch?n ta?i ch??, hay t?? h?n n??a la? ?i thu?c lu?i? Hay chu?ng ta pha?i l?n ti??ng b?nh v??c le? pha?i va? bu??c n???c U?c pha?i co? tra?ch nhi??m ???i v??i nh??ng t??i a?c ma? U?c ?a? g?y n?n? Khi Chi?nh quy??n Vi??t Nam ?a?n a?p d?n, chu?ng ta co? th??ng l???ng v??i chi?nh quy??n Vi??t Nam hay chu?ng ta ph?i ba?y s?? th??t va? k?u go?i th?? gi??i g?y a?p l??c cho Vi??t Nam bu??c Vi??t Nam ch??m d??t nh??ng s?? ?a?n a?p na?y? Chi??n di?ch Tr??ng Pha?t N???c U?c ?ang la?m nh??ng ?i??u ?o?, nh??ng ?i??u ma? co? th?? thay ???i ????c ti?nh hi?nh va? co? th?? thay ???i ????c tha?i ??? cu?a U?c ???i v??i ng???i ti? na?n.

L?u y?: Ha?y t?n tro?ng ta?i sa?n tri? tu?? va? s?? la?m vi??c c??n cu? cu?a ng???i ti? na?n trong khi vi??t ta?i li??u na?y va? ???ng ?n c??p.

Vietnamese asylum seekers arrived by boat is being threatened of deportation, what can the Vietnamese community do?

The Vietnamese boat people arrived on 27th August 2018 has been handed over to police by the local people, and is detained on Christmas Island Immigration Detention Centre. The Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton has threatened to deport all of these recently arrived boat people back to their country, where they will be tortured, imprisoned, and harmed, or even murdered by the Vietnamese Government.

This is not the first time Australian Government is having cruel actions against asylum seekers arrived by boat in general, and specifically against Vietnamese asylum seekers arrived by boat. In 1992, the Paul Keating? Labor Government has decided to open the world?s first ever immigration detention centre and has been followed by many countries in the world. At the time, the purpose of these immigration detention centres were aimed at Vietnamese asylum seekers arrived by boat and criminalise the action of seeking asylum to ask for protection from oppression, persecution, natural disaster, hunger and genocide. The victims/survivors of these hostile, brutal, inhumane and bloodied detention centres has been and are still speaking out about the negative impact of indefinite detention on their mental health, physical health and their lives.

There has been at least 50 people who lost their lives inside Australian detention centres from the time the first detention centre was opened, and at least 3 of those people are Vietnamese. Most of these people are asylum seekers and all of them are people of colour. These people have lost their lives due to reasons that could have been prevented? if the Australian Government intervene such as suicide, medical negligence and murder. Apart from these unjust deaths, there are also countless incidences of rape, sexual harassment, violence, torture, threat, etc. happening everyday inside detention centres against detainees regardless of their gender and age. Further, despite many years since their release, most detainees are still disabled and still carry with them the illnesses/disorders they acquired from being abused, tortured, threatened, raped, sexually harassed, and when their lives were being left in chaos without seeing a way out for many years. There are also thousands of refugees who has been deported by the Department of Immigration or oppressed to the point where they would self-deport themselves back to where they were persecuted or faced genocide.

In 2015, the Australian Department of Immigration has negotiated to handover Vietnamese asylum seekers arrived by boat to the Vietnamese Government, and these people were immediately charged and imprisoned after they arrived back to their country, despite the Vietnamese Government has promised to not imprison them, create opportunity for them to integrate into the society and enable their children to go back to school. The trap of the Vietnamese Government and the willingness to deport refugees of the Australian Government in a racist way has lead these boat people to be imprisoned, having no capacity to integrate into the society, and a number of them had no other option than have had to risk their lives to cross borders again. So when the Australian Government threaten to deport these Vietnamese boat people recently arrived to Australia to seek asylum on 27/8/2018, they know for sure these people after arriving back will hardly be left alone by the Vietnamese Government. Despite the fact that these people are guaranteed to be imprisoned, torture, even murdered, Australia still pushes these people into an end road without hesitation.

In the current political situation of Vi??t Nam, within the last few months, the Vietnamese people inside and outside of the country has been and are still continue to discuss against the Chinese invasion, and the fact that the Vietnamese authority are selling off Vi??t Nam to China. In a number of provinces in Vi??t Nam and even a few places overseas, Vietnamese people has taken on the street to protest against the Vietnamese Government?s proposal to allow rent concession for foreign companies to rent land for 99 years in Special Economic Zones (SEZs), and to oppose the Cyber Security Law, a law created to make it more convenient to surveillance and control the freedom of speech of citizens on social media to cover people?s mouths.

Currently, there are many people, particularly Vietnamese citizens who has been murdered, harassed, detained, abused, torture and charged when participate in or speak up against the SEZs and Cyber Security Law etc. So it is not surprising when there are many citizens of Vi??t Nam finding a way to cross borders to seek asylum to escape the repressive regime of the Vietnamese Government. The fishing boat of the Vietnamese boat people seeking asylum has arrived recently to Australian shore in Far North Queensland on 27/8/2018, even when not knowing what each boat person?s asylum case is, but it is very easy to guess that these people has been harassed and threatened by the Vietnamese Government when they?re being thought to have participated in protest or oppose to the SEZs and Cyber Security Law in different ways, and they has been pushed to an end where they have no other ways than risking their lives to cross border.

Surely, anyone who has crossed border seeking asylum must know really well the horrible anxious feelings of uncertainty whilst en route, as well as when their asylum case is being process, not knowing where their destiny will lead them to. So, when being invited to catch crabs and drink beer by the locals, just so then being reported and handed to the police, and then being detained in concentration camps and being threatened without hesitation that they are about to be deported back to the place that has made them to have to abandon their properties and run away for their lives, how horrible must it feel? Are the actions of the locals and the Australian Government humane or not, or is this the new meaning of the word humanity? Is Australia following the International Refugee Convention, or is Australia self-creating a new Refugee Convention, and is self-changing the meaning of the word human right so they can abuse refugees without hesitation?

We are calling Australia to put pressure so Vi??t Nam will end its systemic human rights violation. But does Australia have the aptitude to condemn other countries when these countries violate human rights systemically when Australia is doing the same thing? When Australia without hesitation threatened to deport? patriotic Vietnamese boat people seeking asylum when they speak up against the invasion of China, and has had to risk their lives crossing borders when being hunted down by the Vietnamese Government, is Australia protecting the weak or is Australia protecting the crooks? If Australia speak up to protect the weak, wouldn?t that go against the history and foundation of Australia, when the British came to Australia to steal land and commit genocide against Indigenous people on this continent, the people who has lived here for more than one thousand generations, in a plot to occupy Australia as their colony?

The Australian history is a bloodied history from the blood of black Indigenous people when they have had their land being stolen away from them and endure genocide committed by white people. The Australian history is also a bloodied history when Australia repress one of the most cruelly and horrendously oppressed group of people in the world: refugees. There will be people who says, ?But before, Australia didn?t treat me this way, Australia accepted me.? The answer is similar to the answer to the question, ?If the police in Vi??t Nam treat some people nicely, would that make police in Vi??t Nam great??

So how to help current refugees?

eX-detainees who has been detained in Australia?s immigration detention centres have endured the most horrible brutalities from Australia?s refugees and asylum seekers policies. Even after they are allowed to settle, they still continue to suffer from the oppression they faced in detention centres, as well as the after-illnesses and permanent disability from having been tortured, beaten, humiliated, raped, sexually harassed, threaten etc. for an extended period of time. At RISE: Refugees, Survivors and Ex-detainees, eX-detainees have spoken up about Australia?s crime against humanity when Australia mandatorily detain asylum seekers indefinitely, turn back refugee boats and deport refugees back to their countries. They have initiated the Sanction Australia Campaign to call human rights groups to speak up and put pressure on the United Nations to exclude Australia from participating in any human rights forums, as well as exclusions from making any decisions that have anything to do with human rights until all immigration detention centres are shut down permanently.

This is a very crucial time for Vietnamese people on the edge of Chinese invasion. In the near future, there will be many more Vietnamese people who will have to leave their country to find a way to seek asylum. If Vietnamese people don?t speak up against Australia?s cruel treatment against refugees then the oncoming Vietnamese asylum seekers? will be the next victims of Australia?s crime against humanity when Australia continue to oppress refugees without hesitation like what?s happening now. The treatment and threatening attitude of the Australian Government? towards Vietnamese boat people recently arrived on 27/8/2018 when they has been detained and is being threatened of deportation back to their country shows that Australia totally has no sign of repentant? for their crime against humanity, as well as? no? sign of? reform to their? oppressive laws against refugees.

For many years,? the Vietnamese refugee community in Australia? have tried with great effort to become successful and prosper, contribute to Australia and? working with authorities to improve the image of Vietnamese people in the Australian society, as well as negotiate in a way that Australia will grant permanent visas to Vietnamese refugees, but Australia continue to detain, oppress, threaten and deport Vietnamese refugees and asylum seekers. Even worse, Vietnamese and Sri Lankan refugees are the easiest groups of people to be deported by Australia, when Australia has signed Memorandums of Understanding? with these two countries to hand-over all asylum seekers who have crossed borders without documentation back to their country, whereby after their return, they will be tortured, imprisoned,? harassed, or even murdered. So should we continue to work with the Australian authorities just so everything will still remain on the same spot or? even worse, moving backward.? Or should we speak up for justice and hold Australia accountable with the crimes Australia has committed? When the Vietnamese Government oppresses the people,?? do we negotiate with the Vietnamese Government or do we expose the fact and call the world to put pressure on Vi??t Nam to force Vi??t Nam to stop their oppressions?? The Sanction Australia campaign is doing these things, the things that could change the situation and could change the attitude of Australia towards refugees.


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