Three refugee survivor detainees evacuated from Papua New Guinea and Nauru for “medical treatment” to Australia have been tested positive for COVID-19 in Park Hotel detention centre in Melbourne, Australia.  There are reports that other refugee survivors detained in cramped, subhuman conditions in this hotel torture camp, are also showing signs of COVID-19.

It is very concerning that our community groups have been treated worse than garbage in Australia during this pandemic. From the beginning of this pandemic we said “Even if there is a tsunami, an earthquake, an asteroid fallen to earth or a pandemic – nothing can stop the Australian white supremacy virus or their white supremacist refugee polices.”

From the beginning of the pandemic in Australia  we have been saying that ALL refugee survivors must be released immediately from onshore and offshore detention centres including in hotels before it becomes a catastrophe: 

Park Hotel detention camp is located in the middle of the Melbourne CBD. Melbourne is considered to be one of the most “liveable” cities in the world except if you happen to be ultra white, a non-detainee or non-ex-detainee refugee:

RISE has been outspoken regarding the welfare of refugee detainee survivors and repeatedly called for immediate action before the covid virus starts spreading in Oz hotel Prisons: As we expected the situation at the park hotel has become even more critical, with three refugee refugee survivor detainees being tested covid positive. 

The refugee detainee survivors at Park Hotel were brought from Papua New Guinea and Nauru to Australia before the pandemic under the Medevac campaign led by many white saviour organisations and campaigners like @ASRC1, @rightsagenda, @savechildrenaus, @GetUp , @OzRefugeeCounc etc. . When they were brought to Australia they were immediately warehoused in #oZhotelprisons and are still being imprisoned while these white saviour campaign organisations and their messengers shamelessly run million dollar campaigns without any accountability.  White people and non eX-detainees stay away from our lives and do something else because you are not fit to advocate “on behalf” of our lives.

Such atrocities and the constant whiteness in Australia is disturbing. Testing and vaccination is not going to save detained refugee survivors at Park hotel. They all must be released immediately with proper safeguards and a proper support network. 

Finally non-detainees and non-eX-detainees complaining about “wearing masks, staying home within a ‘5km radius’, not being able to visit your family” and bla.  Do you all know that refugee detainees and ex-detainees have been discriminated against by successive Australian governments for over 30 years now. Quit being arrogant and self-absorbed and force your government to immediately release our members from detention centres.

You all have either elected, or your family members or friends have elected, current white supremacist governments. You have to undo your own contribution to misery.

Australia, blood is on your hands – immediately release Park hotel refugee detainee survivors and all other detained refugee survivors now with proper humanitarian support and permanent protection in the community.

RISE eX-detainees