I’m Rania Glaidous and 15 years old and currently in year 10 at Manor lakes College in Melbourne. I’m currently doing my work-placement at RISE: Refugees Survivors and Ex-detainees.

RISE is the first refugee organisation entirely governed by refugees and asylum seekers in Australia located in Melbourne. RISE helps refugees and asylum seekers every day, providing assistance for them to build their new lives in Australia such as advocacy, driving project, welfare assistant, English tutoring, foodbank, housing, employment and training ,drop in centre, music and art projects, festivals and other events. RISE works with asylum seekers in detention centres all across in Australia. RISE is also a non-profit organisation and seeks donations and volunteers to help out.

I really enjoy contributing to RISE as part of my work-placement and this is great organisation and everyone here is very welcoming and I will love to do more work here in the future. I?ll be doing a school level survey on “refugees and asylum seekers” in Australia. I would love it if you would fill out this form and give me your feedback. It is optional and this just for us to contact you and ask further questions.

You can also download the survey here

Thank you for your time.
Rania Glaidous