RISE is managed, developed, staffed and controlled by people from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds.

Dear Friends,

RISE prides itself on being a registered, not-for-profit organisation, and working tirelessly to improve non-government and government policies in relation to refugees/asylum seekers and to generate a positive social change for our community.

RISE is managed, developed, staffed and controlled by people from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds. Those who have first-hand experience of settling in Australia are giving back to the community by working to support new arrivals as well as people who have been struggling in the community for some time.

RISE represents and is connected with over 30 community groups (including Afghan, Burmese, Eritrean, Ethiopian, Iranian, Iraqi, Kenyan, Rohingya, Somali, Sudanese, Syrian and Tamil) in order to develop and create integrated projects.

At present there are over 2600 refugees and asylum seekers are registered to accesses some of our important services. We operate with some of the most under-serviced members of our society. You can support us by making a regular donation to keep our projects and services alive for our members.

Many are forced to live below the poverty line, being left with a mere $7 a day to cover transport, food and clothing costs. Those ineligible to access services are ?left behind?, hindering their social development and adversely impacting their health and self-esteem.

In order to be able to assist members with any of the above services, we need to increase our resource capacity in these areas. Your donation will directly support our members in 5 key areas including,

1. Settlement Support Services
2. Job seeker / Training Services
3. A daily drop-in centre with a library, Food Bank and free internet services operating from 9.30am to 7.00pm
4. Educational programs
5. Food bank

How to Donate to RISE:

RISE is a tax-deductible organization and your financial support will enable us to assist refugees and asylum seekers in building their new lives in Australia. Your donation will assist our dedicated volunteers to provide services directly to children, adults and entire families in the refugee and asylum seeker communities.

To donate, please click here http://www.givenow.com.au/riserefugee


PayPal link for donation -? Click here (Tax receipt available on request)