RISE: Refugees Survivors and Ex-detainees condemn the current Australian government’s move to close down and dispossess over 150 Aboriginal communities in Australia. ?We support the second global call to action on the 1st of May 2015 by SOSBLAKAUSTRALIA and all actions initiated and directed by the affected Indigenous communities.

RISE is the first refugee and asylum seeker welfare and advocacy organisation in Australia, entirely governed by refugees, asylum seekers, and ex-detainees. ?RISE is located in Melbourne, Victoria.

As settled and newly arrived refugee communities seeking protection and freedom, we acknowledge that we live on colonised land where the Indigenous peoples are the traditional owners and sovereignty was never ceded.

Racist, genocidal acts against First nations people in Australia have been carried out for over 200 years and the Australian government shamelessly continues to add more oppression by choosing to close down Indigenous communities one by one against their will.

We are not surprised by the hypocrisy of the Australian government which treats the Indigenous peoples in this country as second class citizens, yet uses its worldwide social status as ?pro-democracy” and “pro-human rights? when it suits the agenda of White Australia. This is a never ending parody in Australia and we think it is time to say NO and put an end to it.

There are number of actions happening in Australia and around the World.

For more information about the events please see this link and show your support : and