1. Contact human rights and civil society groups. Ask them to publicly sanction Australia for torture of refugees.
2. Pressure the UN to sanction Australia for refugee rights violations and from participating in any refugee/humanitarian and human rights decision making process.
3. Presence at major sporting events that will garner international attention and media coverage
4. Banner/ brochure – Sanction Australia banner drops in busy areas and RISE brochure distribution at any events
5. Consistent presence at culpable organisations and individuals including: Australian Border Force, offices of ALP and LNP politicians with #SanctionAustralia banners.
6. Boycott any events sponsored by security companies, private firms and NGOs who ran and supported detention centres in Australia such Serco, Wilson Security, Broadspectrum, Ferrovial Servicios, Save the Children, Salvation Army and etc.
7. People with social capital, access to media outlets, large social media following, disposable income, social privileges), use your platform to promote and support the campaign.

Download #SanctionAustralia Brochure

– RISE has to authorize any fundraising events for the #SanctionAustralia Campaign.
– Respect eX-detainees running this campaign at RISE. Make sure you acknowledge our labour and leadership

RISE eX-detainee Team.

Download #SanctionAustralia Brochure
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