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Would you like to be a PROUD RUNNER for the first refugee and asylum seeker welfare and advocacy organisation in Australia to be run largely by refugees, asylum seekers, and ex-detainees?

We invite you to take part in this year?s ?Melbourne RUN and support RISE! – We are appealing for your support to help us raise $22000 to cover the costs required to increase our resource capacity.

At present there are over 500 asylum seekers accessing RISE?s drop-in centre and this number is expanding rapidly every day.

RISE team members will be taking part in this year?s Melbourne Run on the 21 Jul 2013. JOIN US NOW!!

Register here; –

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2. Bake or Not – Craig Beifus?

You are invited to NOT bake a cake, pie, cookies, or brownies.

You do NOT have to find the recipe. You do NOT have to shop for the ingredients. You do NOT have to mix. You do NOT have to cook. You do NOT have to cut. You do NOT have to wrap. You do NOT have to wash dishes. You do NOT have to clean up your kitchen. You do NOT have to deliver the baked product. You do NOT have to stand in the heat/cold/rain to sell the baked product. You can donate to The Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group and stay home and enjoy doing something yourself or with your family!

In these busy days, who wants to bake, A pie or cookies or even a cake.

You?d be surprised if you counted the cost, of ingredients, heat, and the time you?ve lost. Baking for sales is extra work. Yet nobody really wants to shirk.

So we?ve thought of a plan that?s really grand, and feel quite sure you?ll understand. Simply donate here, the price?
of a pie or cake or anything nice.

Without fuss or bother, you?ve done your part.
We hope you?ll give with a willing heart.
Wishing success for our BAKELESS BAKE SALE,
This is the end of our little tale.

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