(Refugee week)?: Next two days we will be having a social media blackout to mourn for refugees facing death crossing borders by land, sea and air, entering countries where they are imprisoned indefinitely while governments and international NGOs controlled by OECD countries reduce refugee week into a PR stunt.

The world?s forcibly displaced has exceeded over 51 million, the highest number since world war II, with no co-ordinated effort to create more resettlement places and other long-term humanitarian solutions for refugees rather than profits centred on ?border security? at the expense of our lives. If even UNHCR, an international body that was created to assist refugees has for example implemented a racist policy in Turkey where the processing of Afghan refugees has been frozen indefinitely we cannot see how we could be a party to this international farce at the expense of our communities. If refugee week is about US, it should be about OUR freedom, OUR voices, OUR lives and OUR future.

Nothing about us, without us – RISE:Refugees, survivors and ex-detainees.