While Australia’s Manus island detention camp was subcontracted to G4S, asylum seeker Reza Barati was killed and other asylum seekers maimed after attacks were carried out by detention staff in 2014. To date no one has been convicted of these crimes.

In 2010, Angolan asylum seeker Jimmy Mubenga died in the hands of G4S during forced deportation from the UK in 2010. Sixty five racist jokes were found on the mobile phone of one of the G4S security guards who was restraining him when he died. (http://riserefugee.org/inquest-into-the-death-of-a-deporte?/).

In Israel, 520 Palestinians, including 5 children are reported to be administratively detained like asylum seekers and refugees in Australia. This detention system is also run by G4S.

UNHCR in Jordan has cancelled it’s contracts with G4S after protests initiated by the Palestinian BDS movement and RISE:Refugees, Survivors and Ex-detainees supports their call for the UN to end ALL contracts with G4S.

Information on BDS campaign to end UN contracts with G4S: