Today the “Preventative Detention regime” bill – another white supremacist migration law was passed in the Australian Parliament.  The Australian Labor Party and the Liberal National Party are sticking together once more to wage fear-mongering anti-refugee and anti-immigrant campaigns, thus increasing discrimination against and persecution of Refugees and immigrants of colour.  

After launching a fear-mongering public relations campaign, they increase public support before enacting laws that uphold white supremacist practices. Is this not Labor’s typical knee-jerk reaction we have witnessed again and again in the past?

The politicians make the laws, and therefore it is not surprising that, in contrast to the enthusiastic support in parliament for this discriminatory law, the Australian government has never been charged for crimes committed against thousands of detainee and eX-detainee refugees. 

Why does the Australian media never ask politicians critical questions such as: Will crime be evaluated according to the citizenry of the perpetrator? Is the impact of the crime greater if it is committed by a non-citizen? As long as you identify as an “Australian”- born citizen, you can basically be anyone or anything; everyone else, especially people of colour, are the main targets of Australia’s criminal “justice” system.  

We also want to know what Australian civil society and rights groups are doing in response to the current proposed immigration bill. This will affect the rights of other community groups, in addition to refugees. It should come as no surprise that some of the requirements for the proposed bridging VISA application are already incorporated within “community detention” and other bridging VISA subclasses, as it is a clear way to discriminate against refugees even more. Many members of our community have already been subjected to such restrictions of movement and the right to life for decades in so-called Australia.

Labour and Liberals are allied together, demonstrating their colonial power once more by targeting refugees who are already facing persecution.

You have blood on your hands if you have voted for the Liberal or Labor parties.

RISE eX-detainees