Yet again, Refugee eX-detainees are thrown under the bus by so-called “progressive? political campaigners during the Victorian State election – According to the election scorecard formulated by Colour Code, an outfit that is run under the umbrella of GetUp and claims to independently represent people of colour, the Australian Labor state government and the Greens are given a positive score for “Commitment to multiculturalism, equality and inclusion? and saying ?no to attacks to communities because of race, religion or language?.

Here are questions we have for GetUp and Colour Code on the above points in their Victorian state election score-card:

  1. How does this match with racial profiling and abuse of our people by Victoria Police under Daniel Andrew?s Labor government?
  2. How does this match with the Andrews State Labor government, maintaining an MOU with Victoria Police and Peter Dutton’s Australian Border Force. The Australian Border Force is a paramilitary wing of the Department of Immigration, originally formed by the current Australian Prime Minister and member for Cronulla, Scott Morrison. What have the Greens or Labor done to cancel this MOU?
  3.  Are you giving the Australian Labor Party a positive score on these points for starting mandatory detention, resulting in death, torture and rape of detainees and ex-detainees or giving Greens and the Australian Labor Party a positive score for supporting mandatory detention?
  4. Are you saying that the Australian Labor Parties? support for the policy of pushing refugees arriving by boat back into the ocean is not an attack on ?communities because of race, religion or language? and proves a ?Commitment to multiculturalism, equality and inclusion??

We would also like to note that a similar organisation called Democracy in Colour has given the Australian Labor Party and the Greens in Victoria a positive tick for ?Leadership in stamping out racism in politics? and we put forward the same questions to them.

These questions are by no means comprehensive and we are appalled that groups such as yours that claim to independently represent people of colour is helping perpetuate white supremacist policies that determine ?who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come?.

Our community groups are getting raided in homes, workplaces, schools and hospitals and we are forcibly taken to detention centres if the police stop us and find we do not have the requisite paperwork. They throw us into detention centres for deportation to danger. Where does white supremacy start or end in Australia if even those who claim to represent the interests of people of colour throw us refugee ex-detainees and detainees under the bus?

RISE eX-detainees