Suicide Attempt yesterday (14/10/2013) in Melbourne immigration transit accommodation: Refugee, M47, a father and husband, separated from his family for more than 6 years, detained administratively in transition countries and now indefinitely detained in Australia for 4 years due to an adverse ASIO security assessment.

Why should he (and other refugees in his position) be free and given a protection visa by Scott Morrison?

*He has been recognised as a refugee by UNHCR when he was in transit countries and again when assessed by the Australian government and during this assessment it was also found that he had not committed any serious crime that should exclude him from being recognised as a refugee.

*ASIO assessment does NOT show him to be a risk within Australia, to the Australian community. The state (NOT Australia) that he poses a risk to has been accused to have committed crimes against humanity, and these allegations have been found to be credible by a UN expert panel and the panel have asked that an independent investigation be carried out. Unlike M47 all state actors accused of these crimes are free and hold influential positions and no independent investigation has been carried out. The state is Sri Lanka.

*Australia?s High court last year ruled that the ASIO assessment should not be used to prevent M47 from being granted a protection visa because the reasons for the ASIO security risk assessment does not fall within the criteria of risk assessment under the migration act.

*He and all the other refugees in detention with adverse assessments like him have never committed or been charged with a crime in Australia. ASIO?s assessment of all these refugees is predictive and therefore flawed, similar to assessments used by the ?Department of pre-crime? in the movie ?Minority report?:?

*The Australian government by keeping all these refugees in prolonged and indefinite administrative detention without being charged and convicted through the court system, has been found guilty by the UN human rights committee of almost 150 violations of International law.?

Also see RISE?s open letter to the Minister of immigration to which we never received a reply:?


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