Dear Friends,

We would like to bring to your attention an exciting new initiative within RISE. As part of the new RISE drop-in centre we are seeking to establish a community-based performance space.

The drop-in centre will provide a platform for aspiring artists in our communities to develop industry skills and express themselves in a safe and supportive environment. With the assistance of our talented and trained staff and mentors, we hope to provide aspiring artists with the engineering and production facilities to showcase their skills?in a variety of artistic mediums.

Through a series of workshops and performances, the art projects at our drop-in centre will aim to empower refugees and asylum seekers to develop their means for creative expression, communication and dialogue. This project will be developed and run by refugees and asylum seekers and will be for our communities in Melbourne, making it particularly unique.

The need for this project arose from RISE?s consultations with asylum seekers and refugee communities. One of the most common needs identified by people is for their voice to be heard, recognised and acknowledged in addressing the various challenges they face.

RISE operates in areas which are grossly underserviced and underfunded as such we are seeking your financial assistance in sourcing suitable equipment to establish the RISE drop-in centre. Examples of desired equipment include;

  • Projector:?$1,999
  • Wireless Headset Microphone:?$99
  • Wireless Speaker System:?$300
  • Projector Screen:?$399

If you would like to donate any above equipment or donate funds please contact