Dear Supporter,
RISE is pleased to release its Annual Report for the 2012 financial year.
Over the past year, RISE continued to grow significantly.? Our growth included

-??? expanding our services by setting up our Drop-In Centre;
-??? installing a Resource Library;
-??? installing a recording studio; and
-??? expanding the Music and Arts portfolio with the running of the Cypher Hip Hop project and ReDefiant project.

Further, we are in the second year of our Resisting Racism Victoria project, the first of its kind in Victoria, which will see the running of anti-racism workshops in 2013 for staff/volunteers of organisations that service communities of colour.?

Pleasingly, while we have achieved growth, we have been able to successfully sustain our other services such as:

-??? assist with winning unmerited cases;
-??? assist a greater number of members with welfare assistance and accommodation; and
-??? deliver the very popular driving project to our members that are located in over 100 suburbs.
The attached Annual Report highlights these achievements and also discusses the various projects that were run during the 2012 year.
While 2012 has been another successful year, 2013 will prove to be another challenging year.? With the Government bringing in the bridging visas which affords no work rights and barely any money to cover basic needs, we have already seen the number of new members coming to RISE increase dramatically in the last few months.? We are currently seeing over 270 plus members access RISE and the number will only continue to increase.? We have already responded by:

-??? increasing our Food Bank capacity, including opening up a second location in the Western suburbs;
-??? calling out for more volunteers to assist with our tutoring classes; and
-??? we are currently working towards increasing our Support Services capacity.
We thank you for supporting RISE and hope you will continue to support RISE during these challenging times for refugees and asylum seekers.

Download our Annual Report here