The Australian Government?s ?humanitarian? solution

Manus Island in Papua New Guinea is now the latest offshore camp being used by the Australian government to forcibly transport and indefinitely detain asylum seekers, men, women and children, who arrive in Australia to seek protection. Currently there are 221 asylum seekers held in this detention camp, run by the government of Australia.

Within just two days over the weekend, Refugee advocates in Australia were alerted to the following incidents in the camp.

– An asylum seeker tried to hang himself (at the moment awaiting information if he has sustained permanent damage)

– Asylum seekers ran out of the camp to the ocean and tried to drown themselves.

– Asylum seekers collapsed because they had refused to take any food as a protest with many asylum seekers undertaking a hungry strike in front of the reception centre on the island

– Young asylum seekers had cut themselves.

Note;- We must not forget that ?Refugee Expert Panel? recommendations are in-line with the government ?stop the boat? policies and punishing people coming on boats – thanks to the panel ?Gurus? Paris Aristotle, Michael L?Estrange and Angus Houston.