RISE asks other refugee advocacy groups to come out of the closet and CALL OUT Paris Aristotle who has built his career as a self-proclaimed refugee advocate as shown in this article in the Sydney Morning Herald (http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/political-news/mps-urged-to-unite-on-refugee-plan-20130326-2gs9y.html) asking for Australian parliamentarians to unite and reconsider the Malaysia swap deal.

Under the cloak of calling himself a ?refugee advocate? Mr. Aristotle continues to peddle his sinister ?template? for asylum seekers and refugees outlined in the Houston report named after another fellow ?expert? on refugees, former defence chief,?Air Chief Marshall Angus Houston.

We would like to end this call to action with a quote from an analysis of the Houston report by the Melbourne Anti-Deportation Campaign (https://docs.google.com/a/riserefugee.org/file/d/0B6buBGW0ICfud2pxRlZMN011Ym8/edit):?

“On closer inspection we are able to discern the absolute hollowness of the moral considerations that are presented as justifying an aggressive campaign of regional policy and border control. The [Houston] report also appears to condone co-operation with any government or military apparatus in its quest to prevent ?irregular border movement?. The outsourcing of the more gruesome aspects of disruption operations to those who are not Australian government officials (the Sri Lankan Navy, Indonesian police, Malaysian border guards) guarantees no oversight, no scrutiny, no inquiries.? In a bizarre feat of ?humanitarianism? the proposals made by the [Houston] Report makes it not only admissible, but advisable to act in order to prevent family reunions for refugees arriving in such a way that constitutes ?irregular border movement?. In addition to which it provides justification for the undertaking of misconceived deportations. Despite the fabrication of a fictitious ethical imperative, the Report of the Expert Panel presents a kind of sanguinary specter in its construction of policy recommendations that prove both brutal and punitive.”