RISE encourages the public to remind themselves that BOTH major parties have proven to be extremely willing to torture and punish refugees and asylum seekers for political gain while campaigning and while in federal government. This document contains a reminder of only SOME of the Australian Labor Party’s horrific record of refugee and immigration policies, actions and scandals during their last term in Federal government.

Excerpt from RISE eX-Detainees’ Federal Election Media Statement

Institutional Rape, Torture, Xenophobia, Queer-phobia, Abuse and Refoulement MUST NOT be tolerated in any shape or form. It doesn’t matter if it is for one minute or one day or indefinitely. If you do so under the cloak of border control’ or ‘humane refugee policies’ or “combating people smugglers” then you are an oppressor who is discriminating against one of the most persecuted people on the planet. This is what Australian politicians are advocating for during the 2019 federal election. eX-detainees in Australia, have the right to resist and request our supporters NOT to cast your votes those oppress our communities. We call for the abolition of detention centres and refugee boat push-backs during this Federal election.
RISE believes that this aggressive culture of xenophobia and fear of immigration prevails throughout Australia-perhaps attributable to Australia’s foundation of white colonisation including border control mechanisms of the ‘White Australia’ policy to police who comes into
this land, and the circumstances in which they come. Due to Australia’s aggressive, racist mandatory detention policy, our eX-detainee members are permanently damaged, criminalised and made to feel unwanted. This has turned us into an underclass, where we are structurally disabled forever in Australia. Further, it is alarming that after the trauma of fleeing one’s homeland, the trauma of indefinite and prolonged administrative detention and the trauma of settling into an unfamiliar environment, people are expected to deal with such overt anti-refugee sentiments all over the country.

Read the full version of RISE eX-detainees’ 2019 Federal Election Media Statement here.

Labor – A fair go for WHITE Australia

Below are SOME of the Australian Labor Party’s horrific record of refugee and immigration policies, actions and scandals during their last term in Federal Government:

Year 2010

Asylum Seekers Sew Lips Together in Protest of Detention on Christmas Island, 2010.

Rudd Ignores War Crimes to Boost Ties With Sri Lanka, 2010

Year 2011

Darwin Asylum Seekers Stage Rooftop Protest, 2011.

Malaysia Signs Refugee Deal with Australia, 2011.

Australian High Court Upholds Permanent Injunction Against Malaysia Refugee Deal, 2011.

Australian Human Rights Commission Media Release Expressing Major Concern Over Self Harm and Suicides in Immigration Detention, 2011.

Three Hurt in Scherger Detention Centre Riot, 2011.

Darwin Detention Centre Lease to Cost 74 Million, 2011.

RISE Submission to inquiry into Australia’s Immigration Detention Network, 2011.

Year 2012

RISE condolences for families of Christmas Island Tragedy, 2012.

The Charade of Australian Sri Lankan Relations, 2012.

RISE Media Release on Deportation of Tamil Torture Survivor, 2012.

Update on Mr X Status in Detention, 2012.

Raid at Villawood Detention Centre, 2012.

Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers Puts Forward Government Desired Solutions, 2012.

RISE Statement in Solidarity with Hunger Strikers in Nauru, 2012.

RISE Letter to UN Human Rights Comissioner, 2012.

RISE Open Letter to Immigration Minister, 2012.

RISE Urgent Deportation Alert, 2012.

The Deteriorating Situation At Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation (MITA), 2012.

RISE Our Views on Offshore Processing, 2012.

Protests are Democratic Actions, 2012.

Julia Gillard Defends Hardline Asylum Seeker Policy, 2015.

Year 2013

First Week of 2013, Asylum Seeker Commits Suicide. 2013.

Gillard Government No Advantage Policy, 2013.

Daily Humiliation for Women in Australian Immigration Detention Centres, 2013.

Australian Government Works with Pakistani Intelligence to Prevent Hazara People Fleeing to Safety, 2013.

eX-detainees do not support any form of detention, doesn’t matter 1 day or 30 days or 1 year. Say NO to abusive and institutionalised control of refugees during this federal election. Enough is Enough, RISE eX-detainees urge the Australia public NOT to vote for our oppressor or the parties supporting any refugee detention policies.

RISE eX-detainees’ 2019 Federal Election Media Statement : eX-detainees Urge The Australian Public NOT to Vote for Any Parties That Support Mandatory Detention Policies and Refugee Boat Push-backs During Federal Election 2019

RISE eX-detainee Team

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