Dear Prime Minister Turnbull

Re: reports of 14 Broadspectrum guards (13 male) entering Tent and strip searching Asylum seeker women incarcerated in Nauru

RISE: Refugees, Survivors and Ex-Detainees is the first Refugee and asylum seeker welfare and advocacy organisation in Australia, entirely controlled and staffed by Refugees, Asylum seekers, and ex-detainees.?

We Refugees, Asylum seekers and ex-detainees are shocked and alarmed to hear reports of 14 Broadspectrum security guards (13 ?male) entering the tents of Asylum seeker women in the Nauru Asylum seeker internment camp run and funded by your government. There are also horrific reports of a 32 year old woman in the tent going into cardiac arrest when this happened and the fact that IHMS the medical provider you have contracted to provide health services for Asylum seekers in the camp did not have an ECG machine and discharged her after a few hours.

We say enough is enough. The Asylum seekers and Refugees in Nauru and Manus were deported and incarcerated in these places by the Australian government. Despite two deaths and numerous reports of sexual abuse and other forms of cruel and degrading treatment by staff that are funded and overseen by your government-men, women and children in our communities continue to be held hostage on these islands to further your party?s political agenda and interests.

We demand that the Manus and Nauru Asylum seeker internment camps be permanently shut down and all Asylum seekers and Refugees abducted and refouled by the Australian government to these islands be brought back and released into the community to have their claims processed in a fair and humane manner in line with the UN refugee convention that Australia is a signatory to. They should also be given proper medical treatment and rehabilitation and a fair and decent opportunity to build their lives. They should NOT be hand-balled and deported to any other countries.

We also demand that those who have suffered in the hands of the Australian government be compensated for the cruel and indecent acts they have been subjected to while being incarcerated under your watch and your predecessors? watch.

Yours Sincerely