Asylum seekers who have endured hardships, to cross many borders and reach the open seas with barely $2 left in their pockets, are being punished and politicised as queue jumpers. The general public are asking, ?Why don?t they come the ?right? way? But if you are an Afghani, Palestinian, Iraqi, Iranian or Sri Lankan, what it is the right way? Where is the queue? Who is responsible for the queue? Australia is punishing refugees coming on boats creating savage refugee policies such as indefinite detention, offshore processing and lengthy process of visa application and now adding the tally of cutting of family reunion.


An offshore processing centre may lower the numbers of people coming to Australia on a boat but it will not completely stop people coming to Australia via this mode because people will continue to try to reach a more permanent and secure location. Such a centre will just add to the tally of interim camps for refugees. We need to provide a humane and globally responsible solution for displaced refugees.? Whilst at the same time not placing extra burdens on less wealthy countries, to serve our national and political interests.

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