Rather than targeting Peter Dutton’s racist and xenophobic comment, the media and refugee sector in Australia and overseas responded by “profiling” refugees with degrees & social stability. One of those profiled was not a refugee, instead his grandparents were refugees – REALLY ?

What about those refugees who are from working class backgrounds who never had the opportunity to study in war torn countries? Are they less than any other refugees? What about those refugees caught in the conflict areas without educational opportunities, no opportunity to learn another language, some even cannot read or write their language. Are they less than any other refugees?.

Profiling refugees who have degrees and social stability is an act of classism and one way of saying “these are good refugees” and patronising others. Also, it does not deal with the issue of Dutton’s comments. Refugees are refugees, despite if they do or don’t possess skills, degrees or social stability. Journalists and the refugees sector must target Peter Dutton’s inherently racist comments on refugees rather than being abiding by the politicians agendas and feeding the ignorance of the masses.