RISE: Refugees, Survivors & eX-detainees condemn those who tailgated politicians on their little backyard ‘Medevac’ campaign. What are the results now? Back to square one. If you call yourself activists and campaigners and still cannot work out Australian politics, YOU ARE the problem, not our community.

All this time we have been saying that people should not sidetrack from core issues and push to end mandatory detention policies, refugee boat turnbacks and bring back ALL of our people being held hostage from Manus and Nauru and give them permanent protection, but our voices are silenced and disregarded. This is racist. There are so much space and resources being taken up to achieve ‘small wins’ while ignoring the decimation of our community.

This is a perfect example that non-refugee-detainee campaigners and politicians mislead and deceive our community members into false hope. As a result, our community members will be become more catastrophic in and outside detention centres. Now, who is going to pick up the pieces? Our community has to suffer because of non-refugee ‘activists’ who still believe white supremacist politicians. This is how the Australian refugee sector moves forward while our suffering is used to gain political advantage. We don’t need your opinions or suggestions – let the eX-detainee and currently detained community decide what is good for us. All you need to do is follow our lead – not your self-centred politicking strategies.

In Australia, Refugee campaigners and so-called activists cannot criticise Governments or politicians or take a stand. Either they side with politicians, become servants of politicians, join a political party or they collect petitions and take it Canberra to become politicians’ pets. The reality is, they do not want to condemn politicians because their friends and families are candidates for elections, as well as the fact that they are indirectly working for them and running their little backyard campaigns to just prove that they are “activists”. No wonder why anti-refugee white supremacy has lasted so long in this country. How many times we have to tell you this over and over again?

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