The RISE Pantry provides access to free dry food, fruits and vegetables at the RISE drop in centre which is open on weekdays from 9am-5pm and Sat from 10am-2pm. The aim of the RISE Pantry is to provide general access to any of our members emergency food assistance.

As the name suggests, a standardised food box/bag pantry prepares standardized packages of food to give to RISE members. The main strengths of this model are is its ?fairness? – every member receives more or less the same thing, and the pantry?s ability to control the nutritional balance of the food package a member receives.

In setting up the RISE Pantry we recognise the limitations of this distribution model. Many of our members aren?t standardised and may have special needs, food allergies or have diverse religious and other dietary restrictions. Likewise many of our members find it hard to ask for help, especially when it is for something as basic and personal as feeding one?s Family or they may live in distant locations and find it difficult to commute to the RISE drop in centre.????

Given these limitations the RISE FoodBank also incorporates a targeted food voucher element.

The RISE Gift Voucher scheme is targeted to our most underserviced members and provides them with food gift vouchers (e.g.Coles/Woolworths) on an ongoing basis to see them safely through that time of need.

The success of this program lies in its directness and flexibility;

  • It ensures that assistance is provided to the most vulnerable members
  • Our members find the voucher model less humiliating to their sense of pride and self-worth
  • Being able to choose their own food gives our members a sense of control to acquire the items they most need
  • Vouchers can be delivered directly to our members
  • Vouchers can be used at stores that are readily located across Australia

The RISE Gift Voucher model works by prioritising the most underserviced members in our community. Whilst considering cases on an individual basis a RISE settlement officer will triage the most pressing cases based on the following guiding principles;

  • Individuals or Families that are refugees or asylum seekers
  • Individuals or Families who are financially ill-equipped to meet their daily food requirements?
  • Households with children
  • Individuals suffering from a serious disability, illness or mental condition
  • Individuals or Families in remote areas with low access to NGO and community support
  • Individuals or families experiencing a prolonged risk of food insecurity or hunger

Those who wish to donate, please post gift vouchers to:-
RISE, Refugees Survivors and Ex-detainees
247, Flinders lane
Melbourne 3000.