Genocidal acts are being carried out daily, inside and outside the borders of Gaza by Israel and it is not a hidden matter; it is out there for people to witness. So far, over 40 Palestinians have been killed in the recent massacre with 2000 others injured.

We are not going to sit back and talk about ?how can this happen?? or ?violations of human rights law?. We find such discussions practically worthless, meaningless and short-sighted because there is no such thing called ?human rights? in occupied territories. If there is one we wouldn’t have been treated as worthless humans. We stand against the massacre of Palestinians and the ongoing occupation by Israel.

We don’t need sympathy, we need accountability and reparations. We should not forget thousands of Palestinians have been refugees for over 50 years and barred from returning to their homeland or even a durable resettlement solution by UNHCR.

We send our deepest condolences to our community who are the victims of the Israeli government?s murderous actions, conducted repeatedly in front of your eyes.

RISE eX-detainees