Kevin Rudd on Twitter: “Turnbull’s handling of Manus is inhumane. The 2013 Agreement was for a year. Turnbull has failed to resettle them, so they should come to Oz”

Who permanently exiled our people to PNG? ? Who froze asylum applications against Afghans and Sri Lankans? Who turned back the Oceanic Viking refugee boat to Indonesia? Who turned back the Jaya Lestari refugee boat to Merak, Indonesia? So basically Labor is mainly responsible for introducing the refugee boat turn back policy in Australia.

Even after reports of rape and abuse in 2013-then Labor Immigration Minister Tony Burke said ‘Manus can cope with more detainees’. Rudd is clearly normalising his crime against humanity. We should not forget that both Labor and Liberals support the abuse of refugees in offshore detention centres. Who is responsible for deaths and torture in Australian detention camps? Mainly the Australian Labor party and mandatory and indefinite detention founder Paul Keating. Asking ?justice? from the AB– USER who violated our rights is a slap in the face of ?rape and torture survivors?.

Now, don?t come and ask us for ?proof?-do your own research and stop exploiting our labor. We are living proof of these facts.

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Written by an ex-Detainee (offshore and onshore)