Death in Villawood (suburb in Sydney, Australia) – Another immigration death in custody in Australian-run torture camps. 30/01/2023

It is not the first time and it won’t be the last – another death in administrative immigration detention in front of your eyes. Australia continues its white supremacy through refugee detention policies. Who is accountable now? Racist politicians or the people who voted them in?

Deaths in detention custody are triggering and trauma awakening for our community members who have been in detention or are in detention.

Who is going to repay the family and the loved ones for the loss of this person who was driven by the detention torture system to take their life?

There have been many inquiries and many reports of deaths in custody, torture and sexual abuse within Australian-run immigration detention centres yet nothing has changed and no one has ever been held accountable. There have been eX-detainees including eX-detainee elders who have spoken out against detention policies for over 30 years but nothing has changed.

ALL three major parties in Australia, the Australian Labor party, the Greens and the Liberal/National coalition endorse mandatory detention policies ignoring how it contributes to torture, trauma and deaths in custody like this. Australian detention centres are torture factories and have caused irrevocable harm to detention survivors. For Adam Bandt, Anthony Albanese and Peter Dutton and most members of the Australian public, this news is likely to be another headline story, but for the family who have lost their loved one in the hands of the Australian government, this is a lifelong trauma and loss. Another white supremacist day in the colony.

Finally, the sinister, white supremacist dog whistling media reporting on detention centres continues in Australia with for example “Guardian Australia” and “Australian associated press” concluding their news report of this victim who died after enduring at least 5 years of detention torture with this bizarre statement: “Immigration detainees have access to health services, including mental health services”.

Blood on your hands Australia.

RISE eX-detainees