Criminalisation of our people by Australian government calling us [illegal] and decriminalisation of their people in order to maintain their interest is called [justice system].

Our people are the most vulnerable to sexualised torture, and rape! It is how our people become victims of crime, rape and death in detention on daily basis.

The reality is that most people have reached at the edge of self-destruction, suicide and mental illness involving depression, anxiety, traumatic stress and have experienced sexual assault and intimidation by security guards in detention.? Ex-detainees who are in the community are also intimidated by the department of immigration and border protection into signing of the so call ?”code of conduct”.. which makes over-judgement of people before action of fact…which means prejudice and bias. This, obviously, is what I mean by criminalisation.

The Australian government has an oppressive system against people who arrived to Australia by boat, including myself, through dehumanisation and denial of our basic rights [right to seek asylum], in line with human rights and refugee conventions.

Ousted Prime Minister Tony Abbott made an arrogant speech in London, asking European leaders to “turn back boats”. ?It will require some force, it will require massive logistics and expense; it will gnaw at our consciences,” Mr Abbott said. That is how the Australian government?s decriminalises their criminal Acts [injustice system in Australia].

RISE Member and Ex-detainee