My reasoning with the banner is simple. What does the viewer see? Does the viewer see people entering a camp and into buildings or do they see the opposite, people leaving the fenced camps and out to freedom? The graphics used are intentionally simple to have people focus on the question being asked. “What do you see?”?

When I was initially asked by RISE to do something on the Transfield issue, I thought a lot about the process which I should use in undertaking this graphic, should it be simple and focus on questioning the viewer’s own perspective on the issue or should it challenge the current government position. ?Hence the idea of the image with two meanings was born. ?We as a society are generally told to take a position on issues, and with the Transfield problem we were asked to do the same. ??Do you support people in offshore camps? Or do you not? hence the piece asks the same. What do you see, when you look at this overly simple image? Do you see the current issue of people in camps and the harsh reality of what our policy means or do you see the future and change, and people freed?