RISE Computer Classes are set to produce opportunities for refugees and asylum seekers to meet their educational needs by offering a space to study and setting up educational components as well as provide advice and personalised guidance about the various computer literacy education pathways available.

Classes will be conducted in the city at RISE?s Melbourne CBD drop-in centre. We intend classes to be free for students, and they will be held for 2 hours every week (over 4 terms). Students will be identified and recommended through RISE?s casework program. Other organisations will also be able to refer students to the program. Class size will initially be restricted to 15 students to maximise the effectiveness for participants.

The RISE Computer Class curriculum includes:-

  • Getting familiar with computer Basics
  • Discovering:

???????????????????????????? 1. Computer hardware
???????????????????????????? 2. Computer Software
???????????????????????????? 3. Benefits of using computers
???????????????????????????? 4. What we can do with computer
???????????????????????????? 5. How computer works

  • Exploring?Windows XP screen
  • Create Document
  • Save Document
  • Open Document
  • Rename Document
  • Manage Files and Folders
  • Formatting of the Document
  • How to?Print document
  • How?to Move, Copy and Delete File/Doc/Folder
  • Working with the excel sheet
  • Creating presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Surfing the Net
  • Uploading documents, pic on web
  • creating mail account
  • accessing mails
  • working with search engines
  • Exploring various informative websites, job sites, social networking sites.

If you would like to apply please contact Rekha Patadiya at admin@riserefugee.org