RISE eX-detainees highly condemn the Pakistan Government who have announced that it would deport 1.7 million undocumented Afghan displaced people back to Afghanistan. 

So far Pakistan has forcibly deported over 300000 Afghan refugees and Pakistan officials are also charging $830 for undocumented refugees who want to leave Pakistan. 

Afghan refugees, especially Hazara refugees are one of the most persecuted people in the world. The world is allowing this crime against humanity to be carried out in Pakistan without any shame. 

Afghan ex-detainee members in RISE have also alerted us about increased violence and threats of deportation against Afghan refugees in Iran. We condemn these inhumane acts as well.

Many RISE members from Afghanistan are waiting for years after proposing loved ones under the humanitarian visa categories from countries such as Iran and Pakistan to be permanently settled in Australia.  Yet despite the recent claim that the Australian government has increased the intake for Afghan refugees they are still waiting. Some families have had to submit medical checkups more than once. Why?

It is not just Pakistan or Iran – Australia, US, UK, Canada and ALL other countries involved in the occupation of Afghanistan  have blood on their hands and the least they can do is take in all displaced Afghan refugees and provide them sanctuary and protection immediately. 

Please contact your local member of parliament as well as the immigration minister to fast track applications of Afghan refugees in Afghanistan as well as these two interim countries where the face imminent danger immediately. 

RISE eX-detainees