Dear RISE members and supporters,

As you know, last week RISE started the #BlockTheBill campaign after members of parliament in Australia?s lower house passed the bill for a lifetime ban of refugees coming by boat.The lifetime ban of refugees bill has NOT yet been passed at the upper house.

Thank you very much to all those who have supported the campaign. If you don?t know much about our #BlockTheBill campaign, we have summarised some information for your convenience.

What is the ?lifetime ban? on refugees?
Why do we need to #BlockTheBill?
What can YOU do?

– A script suggestion to help you when you call

More information can be found here :

While the rest of the world turns a blind eye to the highest number of refugees being forcibly displaced globally since World War 2, we as a nation can do better. We can be an example to other nations and show them that we do not let our politicians continue barbaric and racist policies against refugees who are seeking sanctuary from persecution and harm.

RISE #BlockTheBill campaign is entirely run and managed by ex-detainees and refugees at RISE. Thank you for supporting RISE?s #BlockTheBill campaign so far.