Thank you so much for supporting this campaign. It has received overwhelming responses and support from the public at the local and international level.

The bill still has to be approved on the 22nd of November by the majority of Senators in the upper house in parliament before this discriminatory policy can become part of Australian law.

1. RISE Media Release –
“We refugees, asylum seekers and ex-detainees at RISE highly condemn the Turnbull government?s plan to introduce legislation to ban asylum seekers who arrive by boat from ever being allowed into Australia”.

2. RISE Letter to the Australian Public –
“Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull?s proposal to impose a ?life ban? on refugees and asylum seekers who have arrived since 2013, as well as future refugees who will be arriving to seek protection, will be tied up with the ?No Advantage Policy?, which was crafted and designed under the Labor party”.

3. Video Message by RISE –
“Rather than taking cues from divisive rhetoric propagated by racist extremists such as the One Nation Party, the Australian government should treat refugees and asylum seekers with respect and dignity”.

4. Open letter from a former detainee in Australia –
“Six refugees have died on these islands and many more have suffered from cruel and degrading treatment including torture and rape and none have been provided a safe and durable option of permanent protection. Is this how Australia measures the ?success? of refugee policies”?

5. #BLOCKtheBILL SNAP PROTEST (19/11/2016) organised by a collective made up mostly of queer & trans people of colour (also other trans / queer folks)

Making the bill legal adds to the trauma and persecution of refugees coming to Australia to seek asylum so please continue all efforts to call and email or contact Senators ? particularly cross-bench senators ? in the upper house to block the bill.

On behalf of RISE and refugees and asylum seekers in Australia, Manus and Nauru, we urge you take a stand. Join with us and fight against these discriminatory policies that affect our community groups indefinitely. Contact your cross-bench senators now and tell them you stand with refugees and do not support the lifetime ban on refugees bill.