Before the birth of this algorithm, or the birth of the guardian newspaper in “Australia”, or academic research on this topic – Australian subcontracted detention security companies have had their own way to “measure” or make “behaviour risk assessments” of refugee detainees. 
This is not new to us. Many of us refugees detained during Prime Minister John Howard’s time and  considered “high risk” – were isolated and incarcerated in separate detention compounds that were widely known to detainees as “trouble” making compounds.  
No one knows to date how they “measured” this, but the Australian immigration department and subcontracted security companies are well aware of how they used these arbitrary tools to torture us.
How can we keep erasing the fact that for more than twenty years,refugee detainees who were deemed “high risk” were taken to medical appointments with handcuffs and in come cases with three “security” vehicles.
What is sickening to us is:

1.the thuggery of these colonial practises was almost never challenged.  Most of the health “professionals” who carried out medical examinations and treatment were silent and complicit in this – even onshore, in metropolitan Melbourne, Sydney, etc. So what hope do those held remotely onshore and even more remotely offshore have?

2.Politicians, refugee advocates, and refugee lawyers have built their careers on the back of our misery and taken this blood money for more than 20 years while knowing this.

3.Has anything changed now? Yeap! All the abuse is now digitised and uploaded into the “cloud” instead of being on floppy disks and written papers. We wouldn’t be surprised if this is being used to “train” more white supremacist “Articifical Intelligence” robots created by some NASDAQ or ASX listed tech company to fatten the profit margins of SERCO, Wilson security, G4S etc. and keep “Australia” white.

You would know about this, if you bothered to listen to eX-detainees than waiting for a “cutting edge” article from academics or journos. 
“Australia” your detention camps are refugee torture factories which have been running for more than 20-30 years now. Enough with inquiries, reports, academic theses and articles – shut them all down! 
RISE eX-detainees