Asylum seekers and refugees have been escorted by guards to hospitals with handcuffs and remain so while waiting for the doctors. Quite often they have to talk to doctors when the guards are present. Are hospitals run by the department of immigration, border force or medical staff members?

When we talk about immigration do we talk about how the medical industry supports racist refugee policies. Many Doctors and nurses don’t have the courage to tell the immigration guards to leave and promote dignity instead allowing the ongoing criminalisation of our community. Where is the respect and dignity for refugees and asylum seekers within the hospitals in Australia? Are these medical staff working for immigration department putting refugees under the bus while claiming the medical sector is inclusive and safe for everyone? Some of these doctors and nurses talk loudly against detention centres and children in detention but let the immigration department treat asylum seeker and refugees like criminals within their premises.

We refugees and asylum seekers not only fighting against Australian racist refugee policies but also xenophobic places like hospitals that perpetuate violations of our rights on a daily basis too.