ACT NOW: Sri Lanka to use Aussie gift boats to stop refugee boats and Tony Abbott is going to sign a new MOU between Sri Lankan and Australian Navy .

Also on reports of alleged torture by Sri Lankan security forces, Mr Abbott told reporters that while his government ?deplores the use of torture we accept that sometimes in difficult circumstances difficult things happen?.

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More than 1000 asylum seekers have been returned to Sri Lanka in a year without being allowing to apply for asylum, some within just 48 hours of arriving to Australia by boat. We have also reports now that unaccompanied minors have been deported in this way- see previous post –

Please share links to this movie to show the war crimes committed by the same Sri Lankan Military that the Australian government is making a deal with:

Also continuing disappearances in Sri Lanka (second largest no. of unsolved in the world next to Iraq):

Also continuing coverage of CHOGM by Channel 4 who produced No Fire zone:

Reports from independent Sri Lankan media group who obtained initial footage aired by Channel 4 at great risk:

Write to Tony Abbott, Scott Morrison & Julia Gillard, Bill Shorten and Tanya Plibersek and other local MPs, Senators ask them IF THEY HAVE WATCHED THE NO FIRE ZONE MOVIE and make sure you get an answer from them and post up here to let us know what their answer is.

UK Prime Minister confirmed to the UK public after massive campaigning that he watched it why have we not demanded the same from our own Prime Minister?

We cannot do much to change Rajapaksa, but we have to demand accountability from our own elected representatives:

Contact details of Australian Senators and MPs:

Note: Watching the movie is just the first step and is not on it?s own going to resolve matters, but we need to know if they have at least even done that-knowing how closely Australia is working with the Sri Lankan military.