Dear xxx. hi

In manus camps, at the moment we all face many problems.

The gym equipments are very few and poor. The medical has a very poor condition too. When a sick asylum seeker goes to the medical,some doctors and nurses(not all of them) tell him that you are not sick,they say :all of you lie.

On friday evening one of our friends went to medical for his footache,but they told him that you are ok and are lying,? He came back to the foxtrot camp and went straight to the bathroom and hanged himself.? He was dying when the other asylum seekers found him just 10 seconds before he die.? His eyes were jumping out of his face.

We all are under spiritually and mentally ,and affectionately pressures.? We are also deprived from many things.? Too.many asylum seekers are married and the other are single.? No one had any sexual relationship during the past 9 months,and it made them many mental problems.

It is for 9 months that we got imprisoned in a place which there is no difference between that and a pigsty. At most of the times they treated us like wild animals.? Why AUS GOV spend very large sum of money, just to keep us in bad conditions.? What is its result and outcome for the AUS GOV and australian poeple.

If the AUS GOV do not want to accecpt us as refugees,we all want it to deliver us to the U.N. We all got mentally sick and some of us have lost their wisedom.?? Please help us and rescue us from the situation.we need your help.

DEAR xxxx?: please tell this also to poeple of australia:

BE AWARE:the government is spending your taxes just to keep many innocent and defencelss asylum seekers in prison and treat them like wild animals. We did not leave our country because of hunger,thirst or for clothing.we do not need them,we need to live free like the other poeple. PLEASE HELP US,WE NEED YOUR HELP.TNX